Green Ice Cream

Musical Hoax of the Century was released in December and is now playing on a computer near you. Yes, we released 6 albums in just over a year! Yep.

Bargain Basement Impressionism was released in October and is burning up the airwaves.

Waves of Eternity Lapping at the Shore was released in August, and is now available everywhere.

Negative Space by eNuminous & Archimedes was released in July, and you’re welcome to it!

Angular Momentum in Shadow the Bird’s Rotating Universe by eNuminous & Archimedes was released in April.  17 tracks, over 2 and a half hours of music.

Sounds Calliope Makes Standing in the Rain by eNuminous & Archimedes was released in November.

A track from it debuted on NCCR Radio, so that’s cool!

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A bunch of music videos — :: Meaning :: Chase :: Hunting The Lions :: Vrum :: Talitha :: Boinking Weasels :: Whalescar :: Off Time Out of Key & Full of Static :: Scarab Burns Lucid :Whales Around the World :: Magnetic Field Duet :: Microwave Burn :: Collaboration with the Circuit :: Motorcade :: [Atonal Fight] :: Lifespan of a Spy :: Technofunky :: Klingon Love Song :: Blah :: Glitter :Archimedes Strikes Back :: Machineflesh :: Particulate Matter :: Spanish Theme :: Dreams Distintegrated :: Tiger Tiger Burning Bright :: Splode! :: Choice or The Temporalists Anonymous Blues :: Novus Solar :: Blackrock :: Osama Bin Laden Is Dead :: Bela Lugosi’s Dead :: Bela Lugosi’s Dead [Synchteeth Remix] :: Balancing Blues [Rabid News Outlet Remix] :: The Sirens of Miranda :: Hotel Nevada :: Wave Seven :: Silentcat Heartbomb :: Primitive Sperm ::  :: Hotpatch :: Peach On Earth :: Ceiling Blues :: The Floating Laughter :: Multipart Singularity Live :: How Dare You Wreck My Planet :: Siren Out Of Water :: One World Reggae :: Kubrick Dub :: Rainy Day Benediction :: Entropy Isn’t What It Used To Be :: Kirk & McCoy Fight the Boojum :: Hummingbird :: Fire Of The Castaways :: Gangnam Fortuna :: Guitar Solo / Repeatable Blues [Strange Anomoly Mix] :: Noisy :: Ducal Signet :: Reason #3: Meditation On Form :: dub Kubrick :: Unbreakably Fragile :: Subtle Groove :: The Floating Laughter :: Transmission [Delicate Strength] :: Wack [Wub Remix] :: Carnival [Blog Subpoena Blues] :: Choice or The Temporalists Anonymous Blues ::

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Visual Arts

Fine art and photography, digital creations, experimental photography and traditional retouching.


Artist and author Matthew Chenoweth Wright has a portfolio that includes professional video editing and motion design, animated music videos, spoken word performance art, experimental and traditional electronica and concrete music, and traditional art design and illustration.

His poetic books include “On the Water,” “From Under Eyelids,” and “The Floating Laughter of the Harlequin’s Anti-Gravity Brain.”

His music/spoken word albums include “Eyelid/Fetish,” “It’s Not Music For Sane Persons,” “Citi Zen One,” “Collaboration with the Circuit,” “Extraordinary Rendition,” “Swamp Bell Aardvarking,” “Mythical Permissions,” “Deep Red Bass,” “Unprecedented Chutzpah,” “Sounds Calliope Makes Standing in the Rain,” and the best-of album “Be Like Faust Jones.” Additionally, “Sounds Calliope Makes Standing in the Rain”, “Angular Momentum in Shadow the Bird’s Rotating Universe”, “Negative Space”, “Waves of Eternity Lapping at the Shore”, “Bargain Basement Impressionism”, and “Musical Hoax of the Century” round out his eNuminous & Archimedes recordings.

His professional video work includes projects for Radical Madness, Cochrane Productions, Ripple Training, Pomplamoose and Geek & Sundry.

Social Media

Matthew is reachable. Oh, not since the Renaissance has somebody been so connected to the beating pulse of the world.

YouTube — eNuminous & Archimedes videos and other stuff.

Spotify — Where better than to listen to some music?

iTunes — And Apple’s alternative.

Google Play — Me, too, says Google, but I’m glad they’re carrying our music.

Amazon Music — Jeff Bezos has our stuff listed here, and will stream it to your machines. (Interesting story here about Amazon, from a customer service point of view. Thinking about telling it, but Jeff has been very nice to me and this one might just stay put for awhile, depending on the funding situation.)