Artist and author Matthew Chenoweth Wright has a portfolio that includes professional video editing and motion design, animated music videos, spoken word performance art, experimental and traditional electronica and concrete music, and traditional art design and illustration.

His poetic books include “On the Water,” “From Under Eyelids,” and “The Floating Laughter of the Harlequin’s Anti-Gravity Brain.”

His music/spoken word albums include “Eyelid/Fetish,” “It’s Not Music For Sane Persons,” “Citi Zen One,” “Collaboration with the Circuit,” “Extraordinary Rendition,” “Swamp Bell Aardvarking,” “Mythical Permissions,” “Deep Red Bass,” “Unprecedented Chutzpah,” “Sounds Calliope Makes Standing in the Rain,” and the best-of album “Be Like Faust Jones.” Additionally, “Sounds Calliope Makes Standing in the Rain”, “Angular Momentum in Shadow the Bird’s Rotating Universe”, “Negative Space”, “Waves of Eternity Lapping at the Shore”, “Bargain Basement Impressionism”, and “Musical Hoax of the Century” round out his eNuminous & Archimedes recordings.

His professional video work includes projects for Radical Madness, Cochrane Productions, Ripple Training, Pomplamoose and Geek & Sundry.