Be Like Faust Jones

After 10 years was up, and there was still no obvious sign that the jig was up, invisible caterpillar decided to cash in and released a compilation album of ostensible “hits”.

Be Like Faust Jones: The Official eNuminous & Archimedes Greatest Hits Album” is a rehashing of old favorites, not necessarily a greatest hits album, despite the label (#sarcasmfont) but more of a sampling of the excesses and debauchery the band is capable of when left unattended.


Transformerator, Hunting the Lions, Spanish Theme, Whalescar, A Funny Thing Happened To Me In A Little Bar On Deneb, Meaning (Eclipse Poem with Angelic Choir), Tom Snyder Deprogramming Sentence #1, Lifespan of a Spy, Chase, Dodecahedron, Magnetic Field Duet, Klingon Love Song,Tiger Tiger Burning Bright