Collaboration With the Circuit

There have been questions at this point about the authenticity of music coming from a band that does not, as such, exist. And don’t point out Gorillaz (love you guys!) as a counterexample. Their non-existence is not the same kind of non-existence as the shoe on a paramecium that is e&A. They’re on Spotify, but what does that MEAN?

The point is, what use is music if it has no authorship? When can a band hit the road if their endless bickering and problems with the label they own, (PROMISES they had made to themselves about promotion and payments, little details like that,) NOT TO MENTION their actual lack of actual existence, keep them from even rehearsing, let alone keeping that long-delayed date in Albuquerque?

Collaboration with the Circuit” came about from sessions on the road, when Archimedes and Faust were arguing about the ownership of music that was partly machine-created, and eNuminous opined that the owner of the machine owned the music made with that machine, and we all threw things at him and started singing “A Bicycle Built For Two”* at him until he went away.

iTunes, Amazon, and,.. go search for yourself.

*”Daisy, daisy, give me your answer, do” etc. (See: H.A.L.; Computer music, history of)