Deep Red Bass

An album created entirely on an iPad: “Deep Red Bass.”

Just to see if I could.

Using a wonderful little app called Music Studio, invisible caterpillar studio went everywhere with me. eNuminous & Archimedes were, at this point, completely untethered and virtual. No band members, (so, of course I started using guest vocalists,) and the ability record anywhere, on the road, at my desk, under a tree. I owned the label. I did all the print media. I did all the distribution myself. I had complete control of a new media empire, all started as a hoax, in the palm of my hand, thanks to Apple.

What did I do with this incredible power?

Put out my favorite album.

This contains the ‘Kashmir‘ of eNuminous & Archimedes songs, ‘Tiger Tiger Burning Bright’ which best exemplifies what this project seeks to accomplish.

Nobody has told me which song is our ‘Stairway to Heaven.’

But I know it’s not on “Deep Red Bass.”