Its Not Music For Sane Persons

The most experimental of the albums, recorded in three sessions late in 2009, featuring, at 21 minutes 52 seconds long: ‘Magnetic Field Duet.’

Also, of short note, clocking in at 17:33, ‘Off Time Out Of Key & Full Of Static.’

Only 9 tracks, but, for the band, “It’s Not Music For Sane Persons” was a game-changer. First, invisible caterpiller started getting cagey about distribution, then we discovered the rapidly growing online distro models, then we took control of the label, grabbed the name back, went retro, remodeled, took lessons on good stewardship and intellectual property, rolled up our sleeves, went to work. At this time, there were actually physical CD’s in stores in San Francisco and Berkeley, radio play on KDVS in Davis, and a release of an upcoming single on the dance floor of a nightclub in virtual reality, with actual people “attending.”

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